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Extension of Compulsory Registration of Title to Cork & Dublin from 1st June 2011 (Statutory Instrument No. 516 of 2010)

05 May, 2011

Land Registry title is registered title which is state guaranteed and consists of a folio and file plan (map) exhibiting title. The ownership, as well as any burdens affecting the title (i.e. mortgage or right of way) are registered on the folio. Land Registry title comprises in excess of 90% of landmass in the Republic of Ireland.


The Registry of Deeds, however, is what is known as unregistered title, the register records the Deed transferring title itself only and not the actual title to the land. Therefore, the investigation of a registry of deeds title necessitates the examination of a number of deeds to ascertain the chain of title going back to what is known as a root of title.


Land Registry title is more desirable to a purchaser because it is state guaranteed. Also from the 1st June 2011 all purchasers will be obliged to convert any existing unregistered title to Land Registry title.


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